About Us

LanDiego is an event production company based in San Diego, CA that strives to create positive and fun experiences for the gaming community. We continually unite gamers through exciting events such as LanDiego State (LDS) and weekly tournaments at our very own LD Lounge. Whether they enjoy the classics or next gen, fighting games or MOBAs, LanDiego brings gamers of all walks of life together. Learn more about us here!

LD Lounge

The LD Lounge is your place to game!

Event Production

We produce some of the biggest gaming events in San Diego.

LD Lounge

The LD Lounge is SD's inaugural gaming venue. With impressive hardware and a welcoming community willing to help you improve, the LD Lounge is here to give you the best gaming experience.

Every week, we host various tournaments for you to test your skills! If competing isn't your cup of tea, please feel free and stop by to meet people who enjoy playing the game as much as you do.

Address: 9625 Black Mountain Rd Suite #208, San Diego, CA 92126

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Our events

Creating events for the gaming community!
Events are at the core of LanDiego. We’ve brought together thousands of attendees, held exciting tournaments, gave away incredible prizes, and more. We can only say that our future events will get bigger and better, with more gamers and professionals, a larger range of games and hardware, and increased production value. Learn more about our past and upcoming events here!

Upcoming Event:

Date: Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 | Time: 10AM - 8PM
Place: SDSU's Montezuma Hall
5500 Campanile Dr San Diego, California 92115